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Hi, My son had chronic ear infections beginning at 10 mos and ran continuously for atleast 8 months. I always found that infant motrine worked better and quicker on him. Not only that but with fevers that spike you can use a combo of motrine and tylenol. For example Motrine dosing is 6-8 hours, tylenol dosing is 4-6 hours. If you start with motrine at 12pm, and fever spikes 4 hours into the dose, give them the tylenol at that point and then 4 hours later you can give the Motrine again. It worked for me with spiking fevers. That's the only time I would use that approach and I always did it after communicating with the doctor. Good luck
yeah, I forgot to mention that--ibuprofin (infants motrin or advil) lasts alot longer. My doc always told me to use that in order to get a little more sleep ;) .

I never really did use the tylenol-doc said it wouldnt last long enough for us to rest. A fever is a good thing in the sense that it helps the body fight the infection, but at night, sleep for the both of you is really important, and that is when the motrin is a godsend! :angel:
Thanks for all your help! Dylan actually slept all night last night and wasn't cranky this morning. He drank some milk and ate some fruit without a fight! The fever is totally gone! THANK GOD!!! I am so glad he is feeling better and not crying non-stop. I guess if he could go 12 hours without tylenol or motrin and not develop a fever he is better! I never wamt to go through this again you guys.. But I am sure I will have to :(