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My baby is 13 months old, I have had him in and out of the ER and in and out of the doctors office all week long. They finally did a chest x-ray tonight, and an RSV test, the RSV test came back negative, the chest x-ray showed he has pneumonia in his left lung. His O2 level was stayin between 80 and 90, depending on whether or not he was on a blow by oxygen or not. They talked about admitting him but decided against it and sent him home. I don't know if there is anything else I can do for him or not, but he starts coughing, and can't stop, he turns blue, he pukes, he cries, he whines, and just feels over all miserable. I have him on Cardec DM, on an antibiotic, tylenol, motrin, etc... is there anything else that any one knows of that I could do to help him rest a little bit better?????
Also, has any one ever heard of Sudacare Vapor plugs? These stinky little things, are supposedly supposed to help the same way a vaporizor does, with out putting water into the air, so far all I can tell that they do, is give me a bad head ache, and send my son into some major coughing spasms. If any one knows anything about these I would appreciate that too.