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My 5 yr old son has had a history of ear infections, but he has never ever complained about his ear hurting, and never has pulled on his ears. His ear infections have always been diagnosed after I take him to the doctor for congestion/cold symptoms that won't go away. Well on Sunday, all the sudden he started crying that his ear was really hurting him. Within 15 minutes and he was still crying I called his dr and he said we could take him to the ER or wait until the morning. Well we decided to take him to the ER as he was obviously in alot of pain. We were told he had an ear infection but the eardrum was not affected. He was given eardrops, pain medication and we started him on an antiobiotic. He was feeling much better very soon. He did well that night and didn't wake up for more pain meds like I thought he might.

Well we went in on Monday to see his doctor as the ER said to call you dr in the morning...and his dr said his eardrum had burst and you could see the blood in his ear. I have no idea when it would have burst as he didn't cry anymore after being in the ER. Possibly the Motrin and ear drops helped the pain so he couldn't feel when it ruptured?

My main concern is if my son doesn't have ear pain until the eardrum is ready to rupture how can I prevent this from happening again in the future. He hasn't had an ear infection in a couple years and I had thought we might have outgrown them, but obviously not. I am so glad that I took him in when I did, but now I wish there was some way I could have known to take him in sooner. He did have cold symptoms, but no fever...and he wasn't acting "sick".

Any suggestions?