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try to give your sister motrin or tylenol for the fever. Also try to give her a tepid bath to cool her body down. If her temp gets to be over 103 she needs to be seen by a DR. to keep her hydrated if alloved give her pedialite. there are several diffrent bugs going around this year. you should stay by her just in case she throws up have a bucket or something to catch the vomit. water is ok but sometimes it can upset the stomach. give her a little bit at a time
Eliz-Beth, How is your sister today? How old is your sister if i might ask?
Also, if she is still suffering with the same symptoms that you gave last night, I would suggest that you take her temperature approx every 2 hours. If she continues to run a fever give her either Tylenol (Acetominophen) every 4 hours or Motrin (Ibuprofen) every 6 hours to keep her temp down. If she is still nauseous and if she is vomiting it is very important to keep her SIPPING clear liquids as so she doesnt get dehydrated. Have her continue to rest and keep a garbage can or a pail beside her so if she has to vomit.

More than likely she has picked up a nasty virus somewhere and hopefully it is only the 24 hour bug. If you have anymore questions just hop on here and ask away!

Good Luck, Glory