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I'm sorry to hear about your daughter getting headaches.

My son was getting them when he was about 4 or 5. Well we figured they werent to often so no big deal then I stated noticing he was getting them more often and they were getting worse. The headache got to the point the he was not eating (he is a huge eater) he would lay on the couch or go to bed in the middle of the day, on a scale of 1 -10 his became a 10. I took him to the dr., his dr sent us to a neurologist, the neurologist figured it was migraines and gave him migraine med and sent him for an MRI (the day after his 6th bday), the MRI came back he didnt have migraines, but they found a sever infection in his sinus cavity, so the neurologist put him on 2000mg of antibiolic a day for 3 weeks and sent us to and ear, nose and throat (ENT) dr. The ENT dr sent him for a ct scan, the ct scan found a poylp in his sinus cavity and enlarged adnoids. The ENT dr, gave us a choice of 1) remove the adnoids (which may or may not fix the problem and could cause more problems for him) or 2) leave the adnoids be and take motrin to get rid of the headache, the ent said that he may grow into his adnoids his opinion was to let him keep the adnoids, but sent us to and allergist to make sure he wasnt having an allergic reaction to something. the allergist did tests he isnt allergic to anything.

My son is now just over 8 1/2 yrs old, We control the headaches with motrin which works for him. 1 yr after having all these tests done we had to change his pediatric dr (insurance reasons), every yr before school starts he have to get a dr's note to let him take motrin at school if he needs it. The new dr wanted to put my son though all thoughs tests again just to find out what the problem is with my son, she doesnt believe the results of the neurologist and ENT and allergist, mind you 1 year after he had all these tests done. My son doesnt get sick to often other then the headaches and the postnasal drip. OH, I should mention, when my son gets post nasal drip the headaches come more often. I refused to put my son though all those tests again so soon. Now I am going to have to get my son to another dr and hope that that dr isnt going to want to redo all those tests, Im going to need another drs note for school soon (the end of July).

Have you been keeping a headache log? the drs are going to want one. it consists of......
date (of headache)
time (of headaches)
how long the headache lasted
on a scale of 1 - 10 (how bad was the headache)
what your child ate and drank (before the headache)
what was your child doing before the headache
what meds did you give you child to get rid of the headache

if you havent already started keeping this log you should start now, a neuroligist and ENT will want this record as should your childs pediatrian. The dr's tend to just want to sluff you of and say its migrianes (which it could be) but it could be something else and you should see a neurologist at least.

This is a tough time for you and your child, you feel so bad for your child and you know there isnt much you can do to make them feel better. Hang in there it will get better, just dont take the dr's first answer make sure you get tests to verify what is going on with your child. I know you want the best for your child but sometimes these dr's dont care as much as they pretend to.

Good luck
Ralinda, I hope everything turns out for your daughter. I'm glad to hear that she doesnt get headaches all the time. I found when I explained to my son that as soon as you feel the headache coming on tell me and he can have motrin, his headaches dont get as bad. I would suggest you explain that to your daughter, and give her the motrin before it becomes that horrible headache she nomally gets. I dont know if your daughter will be able to make that distinction if she doesnt get them that often, but you could still let her know. As you keep that headache log, if you notice that they are coming more regularly take she back in and insist that they do tests. I hope your daughter gets better.
Good luck