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Our daughter has had it done three times and let me assure you that it is so simple you would be wise to think of it more as a procedure than surgery. They give them two or three puffs of anesthetic and they are asleep for about ten minutes tops. They tend to need tylenol or motrin regularly for about the first 24 hours but there really seems to be very little if any pain afterwards. The only advice I have is to avoid the pre-op meds beforehand if you can because it tends to make them very restless when they are waking up from the procedure. It is given to keep them and you calm when they take them back, but a creative nurse can usually get your child back with little or no crying at all. When our dd had it done the first time she was 13 months old and the nurse used a little red wagon to get her back. She just kept saying let's go for a ride. It worked like a charm.