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hello everyone i posted here last month i have a 17 month old son who this past saturday woke up with a fever of 105 i was giveing him ttylenol and motrin alternating these meds and it was helping until it wore off on sunday afternoon he still was running a temp of 104 i waited another hour took his temp again and it was106 i took him to the ER where they did tests and all came back fine blood work strep test mono test he wasnt dehydrated or anything he hasnt eatin since last friday ok yesterday i took him back to the ER because fever still there and i noticed he hasnt urinted since 2)) in the afternoon the day before ok they started an IV gave him fluids after 8 hrs in the ER he finally urinated they tested that and that was normal. he is still running this fever noe its thursday almost one week. i am completely freaking out and the DRS are saying there is nothing wrong and nothing they can do. he looks horrible to me i know my little man. what do i do he has gotten fevers like this for the last 3 months on and off but this time i cant get rid of it. ive tried everything his ears are fine i thought maybe a urinary track infection but his urine is fine can someone give me some advice please im worried sick thank you :angel: