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My guess would indeed be the tooth coming in. If it's really bothering you child use motrin and it would ease quickly.
oh yeah it's celsius, in farenheit it would be 102.74 degrees. I'm gonna try giving him motrin to see if he gets better. thanks for your help. :)
Getting teeth does not cause a fever. A fever is a sign of an infection. You should give him motrin every 6 hours and tylenol every 4 hours....switch off until tomorrow. Keep him in a t-shirt, wrapping him up in blankets DOES NOT help...many people think they will sweat out the fever, that is not the truth. If the temp rises after motrin, call his DR. Watch him very closely. Hope this helps.
i would not be giving any child that much motrin on top of tylenol.i think you would be really hitting the kidneys and liver with alot of really unnescessary meds.if the child has a very consistant fever with no ups and downs then I would treat it or if it is spiking over the 102.but when a person gets a fever,it is actually natures way of trying to rid the body of the offenders by heating up the body.actually,in most cases,unless there is a very specific reason for the fever,the child has been prone to siezures in the past,or the child appears to be in pain,the best thing to do would be to let it run for awhile and just monitor them more closely.i just wouldn't start medicating just because there is a fever present.With the tylenol/motrin thing,you are supposed to actually alternate between the two,not actually take one at four hours and the other at six hours.you could really cause some kidney and liver problems by overdosing the meds this way.

I too am suprised to learn about the no fever thing when kids are teething.both of my sons had fevers when they were teething.but they both also would usually present with cold like symptoms as well.I wonder if the fever has something more to do with pain?I know pain can cause a significant rise in blood pressure,maybe it does with the temp as well.that really is strange.FB
I do agree in part with curious1979. High Fever is not a result of teething .Its all just a coincidance. My son is now teething...he has been teething for a month or so, maybe longer.His top 4 teeth are all coming in at the same time (ouch!!) He had a fever a week ago accompanied by a booggie nose. He had a little bug. When babies teeth are coming in, it takes a good month or two for those teeth to completely break through. So, I think, in that time when a baby gets a fever, parents automatically assume its because of the teeth coming in.But, who really knows but our own tiny babies who can't tell us whats going on in their little bodies, right? Are docs ALWAYS right? About the motrin and Tylenol. Docs frown upon Motrin. But, if the little one has a fever at 102 or higher...I don't think there would be a disastrous outcome to alternating these medicines. But only if a doc reccomends using them. When babes have fevers that are 102 or higher it IS because they are fighting off infection. If baby has fever that won't descend after medicine has been given..take to the doc. My son was in the hospital not too long ago with a fever of 103 and that was after tylenol was given (2 hours before) Doc reccomended alternating meds to bring down the fever...and that was because the reason for the fever was already assessed.Sometimes you shouldn't take care of a fever right away...see how high it goes up. Because the temp of the fever is sometimes a good indication of what the problem is. I believe a low grade fever might have something to do with teething.But only a low grade fever. Like body temp goes up a degree or even two accompanied by no other signs of illness. But thats just me.
If he still has the fever tomorrow. I would call the dr,because they say call if it has lasted 72 hrs. Or call if motrin or tylenol do not work or bring it down at least 1 degree. I hope he feels better soon.