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Thank you so much for all this great info. I have a 7 year old daughter who has had a few bladder infections over the years and now she has some new symptoms I was hoping you could help me with. First of all she had the usual pain with urination, blood in the urine. She was tested and put on antibiotics. Then it wouldnt go away so we had her put on another antibiotic. Her pain upon urination seemed to get better but then she woke up one night bawling her eyes out with extreme pain in her upper left side (which I assumed might be Kidney?) Anyway, she's a very tough girl and pain usually doesnt bother her so I KNOW she's not being wimpy or anything lol So I gave her childrens Motrin that first night (almost took her to the emergency room) then took her to the doctor first thing that next morning. They put her on a new antibiotic that would possibly help a kidney infection She had two nights actually with this extreme pain. Anyway, she seemed cleared up for about a month and now she's having the same upper left side pain again. She said that she was bleeding and had pain when she peed again. I looked and there was a little bit of blood dripping but after a couple of days of this she says that it doesnt hurt anymore. So I took her in to see the doctor AGAIN lol He said he saw nothing in her urine sample that day but set her up for that test involving the dye. The hard part is that I now have to wait for the paperwork to be sent to me for the referal while my daughter deals with this horrible pain about two times a day. It used to be about once a day but seems to be getting more frequent. I just dont know how long I should wait for this paperwork? She also doesnt take baths anymore and knows all the rules on wiping and such. I also just wanted to hear everyones advice on what this could possible be? I cant stand seeing her in so much pain and now she's starting to miss way too much school. Thanks!