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Hi! My 8 yr old has had migraines usually with projectile vomiting since he was 4. Just listened to the pediatrician for 3 years and gave up when he woke up twice with this, we couldn't control at home, and he said he would gladly get a shot at the hospital. So we went to the ER. They did give him shots of demerol and morphine. Two hours later he woke up vomiting and screaming/crying with his head still hurting. So I made the appt myself with the neuro. He also said that it was just migraines and that a brain MRI was not needed. Still not satisfied and when he was scheduled for a GI procedure - got the brain MRI when he was already sedated. Luckily it was clear.
But wanted to let you as well as others reading that there is a disorder where your cerebral tonsils (at the base of your skull) which if they get enlarged swell into the spinal canal causing the vomiting migraines. This does require surgery.
As for my son, we make sure he always gets lots of sleep and he has now learned that at the onset of a headache to get medicine right then (it helps the intensity). We have tried several migraine drugs and none work better than Tylenol at the onset.
So, my advice is if you are uncomfortable with your child's pain - no child should cry from a headache (especially if they are fairly pain-tolerant). Get the neuro appt and insist on the brain MRI.
Hope this helps someone.

I just have a question when your son has migraines you give him just plain Tylenol and it works for him??I''ve been giving my son motrin to advil.From now until my appointment if he comes across these headaches again i want to be able to give him something that could help him..Thanks