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My 7 year old daughter has had several bladder infections including blood in her urine off and on over the years and now she's been complaining about pain in her upper left side of her stomach/side towards her back. She's been having this problem for about the last three weeks now. As long as she's on Motrin she's alot better but I dont want her to take it that long lol She's tried several antibiotics for her last bladder infection but they dont seem to quite get it all. I got a referal to get her kidney and bladder checked (ultrasound etc...) and they werent going to be able to get her in until after Christmas. I decided to take her to the ER instead because she's been getting fevers and chills (maybe another sickness with it? Not sure) So they tested her kidneys and bladder. Her Kidney showed up normal. They said they found crystals in her bladder (or gall bladder?) and they want her to see her regular doctor to get another test that I cant seem to remember the name of right now. He said that its very rare for a 7 year old to have this. Does anyone have any idea what else could be wrong or do you have any advice on what to do next? It seems like they just keep giving her antibiotics and sending her on her way. I dont want to keep doing that to her. I keep giving her Motrin every 6-8 hours. Once it wears off she is bawling, can barely move and says that her left side hurts and it hurts for her to breath. If its not her kidney, what else could it be? Thanks! :o)