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I totally agree with you guys..!! It is the same when your kids start school also.. Parents give their kids motrin when they are sick, and send them to school anyway. In regards to those play areas the fast food places.. I was at one a few years ago with my kids, and a child had diarrhea all over the place, and the parents just wiped it up with some paper napkins and didn't even take the child home nor did they notify any employees. Needless to say we left!! But only after telling the manager. Also, on another occasion, my friend's son was up in one of those tubes and came down with some "brown stuff' on his hands, and guess what it was? I refuse to go to those places..
It's also important to not that we are not just talking about colds .
I have flat out had parents almost brag about giving their kids Motrin to mask fevers becauses they couldn't stay home OR they couldn't deal with them being home. This is heart breaking.
Years ago when my son was in preschool a mother sent her kid with a terrible upper respitory infection, not a cold but a hacking croup type cough and green runny nose. One of the kids had a new born in the house that landed in the hospital over it :nono:
I teach good hygiene as well but we are far and few between. I greet my kids each day with Hand Gel and we come home and wash real well.
It is a never ending battle.