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I'm going to make this as brief as i can. I took my son to his ped for reddness in the eye last Tuesday to find out that it was pink eye she gave us some drops and sent us on our way. Later that evening i noticed he had a running nose and was just laying around on the couch he had a temp of 102, so i gave him Motrin I had been feeling pretty bad with a cold and fever so i thought he had the same thing i was feeling better at least by mid week i still have some congestion but not to bad. My son on the other hand still has a fever a week later, i took home back to the ped right before New Year's eve which was Friday she told me that it was most likely a virus and would go away on its own. Today is Tuesday and still no better i'm concerned with all the Motrin every 6 to 8 hours and Tylenol every 4 hours he is taking i alternate between the two, after reading the back of the bottles it said it should not be taken for more than five days. I dont know what to do :confused: If any one can please offer any advice I would be very grateful
He is definitly fighting off something. The fever is a fighting mechinanism to kill off viruses. Maybe you should cut back on how often you give him the Motrin. Since he is so young, he needs to build up his immune system. You have had colds and flu, he hasn't so it will seem worse for him. If his fever gets higher than it is already, then give him the Motrin. Just keep an eye on him and he should be fine in a couple more days. Viruses usually take 7 days. The congestion longer. Hope you are both well soon!