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sounds good.hopefully it is just some sort of strain.it does appear his doc IS on top of things.I am wondering why the doc couldn't tell you anything about the actual x ray as they are pretty easy to read compared to MRI or CT films.it just checks the boey outside structures and nothing really in depth.i would think he should have been able to tell you if anything looked out of alignment.I mean when I saw my primary to see which one of my discs was herniated(i knew i had one just from the symptoms)he was able to tell me that 'your neck looks like a trainwreck".pretty self explanatory and unfortunetly true.

did he tell you when they would be getting the final rad report?all Naproxyn is is just Aleeve.it does tend to work a bit better,at least for me,than advil or the motrin 800 that docs will usually Rx for the type of injury your son seems to have.Hopefully he will be up and running again soon.just keep monitoring him for any new symptoms or if things don't start getting better withing a week or so.if things do not seem any better he may need a little more in depth rad work done like an MRI or even a CT just to make sure things are okay inside the vertebral column as an X ray will only show the outside.Keep us posted,marcia