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I'm sorry to hear of your brother, I'm sure your going through a difficult time, I lost my mom in August, and just started functioning normal the past week, but of course it still hurts.

Anyway - I've had a very similar experience with breast/chest symptoms - I wasn't really sure if it was breast pain or chest pain - although if felt more like chest pain, so I had all the same tests - everything checked out fine.
Then I saw my gyno - had a couple breast exams and a mamogram over the course of 4 months - everything OK in the breast.
I think I may have pulled somthing, because over time it got better, and taking motrin did seem to help. It's started happening last year around November, so it's almost a year now, but I feel much better - most days I forget about it, but every once in a while, I get a symptom, and then I usually remember doing something that might have strained the area.

Also, my doctor said I may have costochondroitis, which is an inflammation of the rib cage - causing these type of symptoms and it can be very chronic.

Hope this help.