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Hi i was woundering if any one has every had this happen or heard of it before?
Last night we all went to bed just fine our 4 year old still sleeps with us:rolleyes: any way i woke him up this morning to help get hi s brother off to school ( normal morning) any way he couldn't walk on his left leg his hip was hurting soo i thought he slept on it wrong? any way after 1hour he was in alot of pain( he doesn't ever complain even when he is hurt ) any way he couldn't site up be held all he could do was lay flat and he told me that his hip hurt soo bad so we took him to the Dr. and his x-ray came out great but his white cell count is at a 6 he said that 5 is the low he was concerned soo there was some more labs we are waiting for i'm not sure what there for anyway the dr. is hoping a viral infection is settled in his hip if it is he should be feeling better in a few days we will bring him back and have more labs done other wize if he gets afever or any worsening symtoms i take him to er. and we will admit him from there to do mri more tests posb for 6 weeks ???:dizzy: my mind is swimming hopfully his hip will feel better in the next few days i'm not sure if that means theat his white cell count is better then?? any one with thoughts??? for now we are giveing him motrin and tyneol alternateing every 3 hours for pain..still can't have any preasure on it at all...thanks for any thoughts