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I had this also - left side, for the past year or so. It's actually alot better now, I hardly notice it. I've had mamogram, ultrasoud, exam by gyn .... It was more like the chest muscle above the breast, but sometimes it was hard to tell if the breast hurt also.
Anyway - it started in winter, when I was lifting firewood with my left arm, but the pain lasted many months into summer/fall. The Dr said I could have costochrondritis (sp), and the lifting aggrevated it. This winter I've been very careful not to lift too much on that side, and it's not bothering me.
When the pain started last year, I started sleeping with asports bra on (one that's not real tight) - that helped alot - I still do it - I'm a bit large breasted, so it's more comfortable than wearing nothing.

Also, advil or motrin helped - if it's muscle pain from straining try it.

Hope this helps a bit - you could always check with your Dr again - I know I went several times before I felt better.