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Hmmm. . . actually that sounds very familar. My daughter was running a 104 fever about two weeks ago, red dotty, dry rash - peditrician said " Rub cortizone on her, it's a virus." Second day, went to an immediate care doctor he said " virus." Third night, she was so burning hot and sick I took her to the ER. BLADDER INFECTION

I would carry him back in tomorrow, have them check his urine. They will put a small cathiter in his little boy parts, ( this scares them more than hurts them.) Has he been pulling on his bottom or anything like that? Even a different smell in tinkle can be a sign. My little girl even threw up a few times.

My doctor told me we could rotate children's ibuprofin and children's tylenol every 3 hours. They say the reason you can do that is because one ie motablized in the liver and the other in the kidneys. That's what makes it safe. If you have any fears about doing that, you can call a Walgreens or 24 hour pharmacy and ask to speak to a pharmicist. Tell them how old he is, how much he weighs and that he is having high fevers. Ask how much of a dose he can have of each and tell him you heard you can rotate motrin and tylenol every three hours until the fever goes down. They will give you good advice you can depend on.

God bless! It will all work out. The best thing you can do until tomorrow is stay calm. He knows when you're not and he will get worried. You can also put him in a cool ( but not cold) bath if his fever won't break, or sponge him off with a damp cloth in his sleep.

Oh and if you tell the doctor about the high fevers on top of if you think he is having pain upon urination - they will check him out better.