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My daughter woke up Sunday morning with a horrible cough, it almost sounded like croup. Yesterday she woke up with a fever and was wheezing and having a hard time breathing so I took her to the doc. They checked her O2 levels and they were down to around 88 so they sent us to the hospital thinking it might be an pnemonia. At the hospital they took her temp which was at 102 and her oxygen was getting even lower. They gave her motrin and put her on oxygen. They also took a check xray but it didn't show anthing. :confused: After her fever went down they took her off the O2 and she was able to stay above 90 so they sent her home...no other tests, nothing. They said it was just a virus. Should they have done futher testing? She's 3 years old. It is Children Hospital so I"m sure they know what they are doing but I'm still a little concerned.