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Hi there!
We had great weather here yesterda (Monday) to which we spend a lot of time outside running around and having fun. (My daugher is 22 months old). Having said that, she ate a great dinner and then when it came time to get PJ's on - she was a little whiney, but contributed it to the "heat". She was "warm" so I put on cooler PJ's....(the house was warm inside and it was still fairly warm outside and she was wearing long sleeves and pants during the day!) - anyway...I did give her some Motrin last night because even despite all of that she was still a little warm - her nose is on and off, but not constant.....this morning she woke up with a fever of 102. Any one know of anything going around??? We have a Dr's appointment tonight at 4 - but this DR always says....it will pass. How can I ask him to be more proactive???