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My daughter had a fever last Thursday and the pedi quickly diagnosed her with Fifth disease because her cheeks were a little red. (also because they had seen several cases already that week) She continued with fever through Saturday morning and then Saturday night I had to take her to the emergency room with hypothermia. Her body temp dropped to 92.7. The ER doc said it was just because she got too chilled but I had trouble keeping her temp up all day Sunday, too.

By Monday she was fine and went back to daycare. The rash never really developed on her, by the way. Then last night (Wednesday) all of the sudden she had fever again. (100.0) She's home with her MiMi today and is still running fever as high as 102 when the Motrin wears off.

Is it possible for Fifth DIsease to cause a relapse like this or is it just that she was never really over it to begin with? I'm starting to wonder if this is not some other sort of virus. I'll take her back to the pedi tomorrow if she's still sick, but I jsut thought I'd ask for some feedback.