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I am wondering if anyone Else's child had a reaction to the MMR Vaccination?
My 2 1/2 Year Old went for some shots last Thursday, which included the MMR Vaccination, Hepatitis A, HIB type B, And DTP vaccination. There was a total of 4 needles, I was told she had 6 in 4. I thought this was a bit much all at once but was told that it was fine. The next two days things seemed to be going well. Just a little cranky but there are some molars coming in that I attributed this too. One the 4th day things had taken a different turn. A fever developed that ran in the 103~104 range. I was able to get the fever down switching between Motrin and Tylenol and some cool wash clothes. Then the vomiting started and complaints of tummy aches and diarrhea, and sore throat. One the 6th day after shots a rash developed and we are still running fevers on and off. Mostly throughout the day we are at 101 but there are times it spikes high mostly 103 range. It all seems to be coming in waves, she can be totally fine, playing, eating, drinking and then she starts complaining and the fever spikes, the rash gets redder and she will throw up. Then after a few hours and the fever goes down she is back to playing and wanting cookies!:confused: She is NOT throwing up everyday only two days and they were days apart~ Monday and then again Today (Friday) But the rash has been constant for 3 days. Red and bumpy and all over her face and body. I looked up picture's of the measles rash and it looks just like it!! Her desire to eat or drink comes and goes, and her fever comes and goes. But is usually stuck in the low grade range. This has been going on since Monday and as mentioned before today is Friday and we still have these symptoms. 3 days after shots!!
I called the Doctor and insisted this is some type of reaction to the shots. The Dr. seems to think it's just a virus. I disagree. If it was a virus would she be fine eating ice cream and playing one day and then the next day not and violently sick then better then sick again? Fever and then not? Throw up one day and not for two and then again on day three? If it was a virus why is she covered from head to toe in a rash? Why haven't me or my husband gotten it?
I guess my BIG question is I am wondering if there is anyone Else's child that has had a reaction like this to the MMR shot?? The more I read about this vaccination the more I am convinced she is experiencing some sort of reaction.
I am just wondering what is next? Does it just run it's course or is there something the Dr.'s can give her? I feel so bad she is so sick but it's really strange because it comes and goes. And it peaks. If that makes sense?
I am calling tomorrow again and insisting a visit. I have called twice and was told, unlikely reaction.. More likely virus, keep her fluids up and it will run it's course :mad: !!!! This makes me so mad because my child was totally healthy and fine until she got these shots!!!!!!:mad:
I would greatly appreciate any advice, feed back, or experience with perhaps their child and this vaccination. And whether this sounds familiar to anyone.
I am really starting to become extremely concerned! Thank You for any thoughts and advice in advance.. :angel:
All vaccinations are serious. My son had seizures, high fever, and many other symptoms that had us going to the ER the evening after his first set of immunizations. He was severely allergic to the DPaT to the point he is banned from having all but tetanus shots. The DPa portion he was allergic to... just like his me. He also ended up getting his first ear and sinus infection after the fact. It was a horrible two weeks.

When the next immunizations came around we were ready with the motrin tylenol alteration schedule and the works. He didn't have seizures because that stemmed fro the whooping cough vaccine (Pa), but he did have high fevers for 3-5 days and contracted another ear and sinus infection.

After that I made them give him the vaccines one a week versus all at once. He would still get tired and run a fever and get the sinus ear infection, but all the symptoms were milder.

There is no rule that your child has to have all four at once.. getting that done just means that you don't have to come back in again. The one shot a week routine is less traumatic on my son and it allows me to get the anti-biotics he needs by at the second visit.

Best of luck to all of you going through the vaccination dulldrums. As to measels.. I had three different varieties while living in Europe. The MMR only protects you from one major strain. Measels stink worse than chicken pox.