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Im basically here for suggestions and answers if anyone here has ever been through the same thing as me.

Since friday my daughter (shes 2) has had a non stop fever that just hit her out of no where..She was playing and having a blast then all the sudden she was asleep..in a blink of an eye!! i figured it was a fever and checked and sure enough it was. I have to check her temp under her arm and saturday it reached 103.8 and thermomenter wasnt even done reading which meant this was really 104.8. i didnt wait for it to stop i immediately put her in lukewarm tub, and she was even on Motrin and Tylenol. Motrin has always worked excellant for her but this time it only lasted an hour instead of 8. Tylenol barely did anything so i was at a loss and had to keep her in the tub a few times a day. This happened about 6 months ago also i had her in ER with a temp of 105...they had to give her an IV and sponge bath. it was horrific to see my daughter go through the IV it made me sick. There was no explanation why this happened. They did all kinds of blood work..xrays..urine tests..you name it they did it.

I thought it was her teeth. Several drs said no because her temp is way to high to be from teeth. She has no other symptoms. Nothing at all. When fever breaks shes up having fun like nothing is wrong. These fevers usually run for about 3 days straight then it just stops all the sudden. Im really afraid that theres somthing really bad thats wrong. some underlying problem and i dont know what to do. im wondering what i should have her tested for instead of running several tests and putting her through too much. When i had her in ER and they did iv..it traumatized her. She quit sleeping on her own and i had to hold her for 3 days straight. My arms hurt so bad it.. she was afraid of everyone. even her own dad. I had to switch drs because she would see the building and start screaming before we even walked in. I just now got her used to her new dr. she loves him (she hugs him when we leave there) and i dont want her to become scared of him.
The want to do the same tests they did at the ER but what else should i have them look for?
Shes drinking lots of fluids but shes not eating...shes snacking and thats about it. she picks at fruits and thats about it. she lost alot of weight the last time. shes 2 and most of her 18 months clothes are too big for her. shes only about 25 pounds. And just as she gained her weight back from the last fever bout this has to happen. i dont understand whats wrong.
Anyone ever been though this?
actually, i just went through the same thing not long ago. my daughter is 20 months old, and out of nowhere started running a high temp (got up to 105.1), and she actually threw up, but i think that was a result of having a milk bottle that night and then the fever souring the milk in her tummy (we didn't know she was getting sick when we gave her the bottle!). so we had her checked by her doctor, and everything was normal, except she was cutting her back molars. he said that while it's unusual for a fever to go that high while cutting teeth, it's not unheard of (my mom said my older brother used to run high fevers while cutting teeth!).

as far as the fever itself, he told us to not look at the number, but watch how my daughter was acting. he said it didn't matter how high the number got as long as she was acting okay (meaning she can be tired and cranky and it's okay, but if her eyes are glassy and unfocused or if she is unconscious and unresponsive, that's bad). he said that if she seems uncomfortable, to give her something to bring the fever down, but otherwise, let it run it's course.

he also addressed our concern about seizures and said that there is new evidence that febrile seizures aren't the result of a high fever, but the result of a sudden rapid rise in temperature, and that giving motrin or tylenol to keep the fever down might actually put your child at greater risk for a febrile seizure because if you let the medicine wear off the child's temperature is more likely to quickly spike. and he said that febrile seizures aren't actually dangerous, and don't have any long term negative effects, they're just scary to a parent who doesn't know what is happening.

ANYWAY.... what he said made sense to me, and i followed his advice but kept my mommy instincts on full alert just in case! like i said earlier, her temp got up to 105.1, and that was a little worrisome, but we didn't panic and throw her in the bath to cool her down (which is what i normally do if her temp gets up past 103), but since she seemed to be bothered by the temp, we did give her tylenol to bring it down (got down to 102, i think - can't remember). the temp lasted a couple of more days and then was gone.

i'd thought it was just maybe a random virus, but a few days after it was all over, i was looking at her teeth, and she has a brand new back molar now! i've been through the ER visit with my first daughter, and i am flat out determined to NEVER do that to my children again! as long as your daughter is drinking plenty of fluids and has plenty of wet diapers (or pullups or goes potty plenty of times) and isn't glassy eyed or unconscious and unresponsive, and as long as she isn't showing any other symptoms, i'd let the fever run it's course and chalk it up to teething.