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I don't think the fever should last that long with just teething. Maybe he is coming down with something also. I am sorry to hear that he is not too happy, are you giving him motrin as well that really helps with teething pain.
I hope he feels better soon.
Take care
[QUOTE=JuniorsMommy929;3199630]well, i am giving him tylenol, but today he seems to have been hit with diarea...idk if its a bug or teeth anymore:(

When my DD was cutting her molars, she ran a fever for a few days. Actually with every tooth, it was a few days of fevers.:( The diarrhea with teething is usually caused by the over abundance of drool kids produce when they are teething. Although it seems like it is all running down the front of them, lol, alot is being swallowed loosening everything up. Also, it could be any dairy if he has had any. Try the motrin between the doses of tylenol to help with inflammation in his gums. The two rotated every 4 hours really work well for fevers, also. Good luck, I hope he gets to feeling better soon.