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i am so sorry your little guy is feeling so sick. i hate when they are this young and miserable with something.

first i wanted to ask if he has any older siblings. if he does, they could check for strep because even though it's not common for little ones, it can be caught by the older kids. i have a dd that had it when she was 3 because of her older sister. they can do the quick strep in the office.

second, i would get some children's motrin. it is a little stronger than the tylenol (given only every 6 hours instead) and try that to at least try to ease the pain.

and lastly, i love the warm water idea. i was personally thinking of making some warmed camomille tea and letting him sip on that. i know some people may say i am crazy for that but i did that for my 2 year old last year (he was only 1 but had pneaumonia) and i think it did help a bit. i also want to tell you that you should definitely watch him because a sore throat can quickly change. my oldest dd was 2 when she had a sore throat and they kept saying viral but in the end, she actually stopped swallowing and we ended up in the ER. she had a bacterial infection and needed antibiotics. don't let that scare you but just stick to your guns, you know your child best. i hope your sweetie is feeling better soon. : )
Like KeltoKel says, if it is a regular virus, there is nothing at all you can do. Giving antibiotics to someone who can't benefit from them does more harm than good. You will find that children who are put on antibiotics often, become immune to them. We get hundreds of people during flu season in the ER demanding antibiotics for the flu. The flu is a virus and they cannot be helped. They will be given fluids and sent home. My son gets A LOT of ear infections. I will usually wait it out for a couple of days, all the while giving him motrin or tylenol. Some doctor's are very strict on not giving medication unless it's needed, which they should be.

Try giving cough syrup at bedtime and using a humidifier. This will ensure that the boogies don't harder on the tender nose. A cough takes a very long time to go away, usually up to 2 weeks sometimes. Good luck!! My thoughts are with you!!