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Is it only on his lips? Could it be inside his mouth as well? Cold sores are common in children his age. If they are inside his mouth as well he may have the coxsackie virus which is VERY common and it's the right time of the year for it.
I would monitor him for fever. Give Motrin for the pain and inflammation and keep him drinking. Popscicles would be great too.
Good luck. I hope he gets better soon.:angel:
I would find use the nise bulb to suck the snot out of their nose to keep it coming out. I also prefer homepathic verisions of medicine instead of tylenol or motrin. Usually when my 18 month old daugher or myself does not feel well I use Vicks Baby Rub, Little Noses or Little Colds brand and lip balm and it usually clears up right away. She has never actually gotton sick yet, so maybe you could try other ways to help them feel better. I would take them to a doctor if they have blisters on their lips. Perhaps your home is dry, humdifiers should help.