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My son is 8 yrs old & since this past Friday he has struggled with a very bad cough & a fever. His fever has ranged from over 99 degrees-103 degrees since Friday morning. It seems to fluctuate. He was croupy on Friday & Saturday alittle bit. He had a case of croup when he was 5 & pnomonia when he was 6 & bronchitis as an infant. I don't know if that means anything to this now. He has no other symptoms but does complain of a stomach ache now & then. His appetite has decreased alittle. His fever was up to 103 Friday eve. Then I gave him motrin. Sat. it was around 102. Since Sunday it has ranged from 99.6-102. How long should a fever last before I take him to the Dr? Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou so much.