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My son is 11. Ever since he was very young, probably age 2 or 3, he will get mild leg pain behind his knees when he's sick. Whether he has a cold, or is coming down with anything, the first "symptom" is he'll complain his legs hurt.

I have discussed this with the Dr. numerous times. They've never really given me a difinitive answer. He checks out physically just perfect. He's in good health, has no medical issues.

The Dr has thought it could be growing pains, but I think its odd it only happens if he's feeling under the weather. If he takes Motrin, it relieves the pain and he's fine again.

Has anyone else ever had a child that has experienced this before?
I can't say I'm overly concerned. I know he's healthy. He gets a yearly physically, is growing fine, has no other symptoms, and it is not getting worse. Plus its been going on his whole life practically so I don't think its anything too serious. But I am curious if anyone else has experienced this?
Yes my granddaughter has had leg pain off and on for years. She passed all her school physicals and no one could figure out this mysterious leg pain. It didn't limit her in doing dance or cheer leading but it just was irritating and she needed to take Motrin for it. She is 13 now and the pediatrician discovered she needed physical therapy to strengthen one of leg/knee muscles.