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If he has chills, then he probably has a fever. Did you take his temp?

Sounds like a virus, sinus infection, or even the start of the flu. Continue with the motrin (or tylenol) and be sure he gets plenty of rest. Is he hungry? Doesn't sound like teeth because of the chills, but it could be a number of things.
Didnt take it this morning but this afternoon i did it was 102 gave him motrin just a bit ago..also got back from the dr. he said to give him sudafed his nose is a bit stuffy but not much he also did a culture for strep said his throat was red but my son said that his throat is not hurting so i dont know we both were sock maybe three weeks ago fever, sore throat, stuffy nose..I'm thinking maybe he just never got over it or picked something else up at school.

ps dr said to keep a record of the headaches and wants to see him back on Friday