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keltokel, i was just reading your original post again, and somehow before i totally missed the part about the not sleeping....

has he always been a non-sleeper, or is this a recent thing? my first was a non-sleeper, and she about killed me! i got pregnant with my second when my first was 15 months old and the not sleeping thing was awful! and we moved into a new house right at that time too, it was such a pain!

HOWEVER.... after many torturous months, i realized a few things about my first. one thing was that she slept less when she was cutting teeth. so i tried to be more aware of the teething so i could give her motrin when she needed it and that really helped.

the other thing was that she was staying up too long before i put her down for naps and bedtime, so she was getting overly tired. i started putting her down a bit earlier at night and she slept later the next morning (she used to wake up at 6:00 too!). i started putting her down earlier for naps and she slept two hours instead of one!

another thing i have found is that white noise is an amazing tool to help babies and kids sleep! i found a cd that plays just nature sounds, no music, and i play the "cascades" track on repeat all night long! my mom actually found white noise machines at radio shack for about $30 or something.... she really loves it. the cd was cheaper though!

last thing.... when your son wakes up, do you get him out right away? it's a great idea to let him stay in his bed for awhile.... especially if he's waking up at six! let him play and entertain himself until you are really ready to start your day. leave a few soft books or stuffed animals in his crib (it's safe at 15 months) and get more sleep if you need it! i started doing this with my first when she was about 8 months old and it was so worth it! she learned to just play in her crib until i came to get her. after she moved to a big girl bed, i put a baby gate in her door and she would wake up and stay in her room and read books and play until i was ready for her..... she's four now and still follows that routine (except that her two year old sister shares the room and they play together in the mornings now!). you can do this when he wakes from naptime too!

anyway..... sorry for all the rambling..... just wanted to share what works for us! :)

ps - i didn't think i was ready for a second child and then BAM! suddenly i was pregnant again! it was so worth it! and now i'm pregnant with baby number three......
Thanks MCR. You always give such great sleep advice. We do use the white noise and my son actually can't sleep without it. We have used it since he was 3 weeks old.

He is in bed at 7 p.m. each night. He had been going through a spell of waking very early but the past couple days he has been sleeping later. He did cut his molars and I think that had a lot to do with it. We have been going through a lot of Motrin. Naps still are a struggle though. Some days he goes down at 11 a.m. so I don't think I am putting him down too late.

And yeah, I don't get out of bed right away when I hear him wake. It takes me awhile to wake so he has to entertain himself a bit. Although, he now throws all his stuff out of the crib and has nothing to play with!

Ahhhhhh....baby #3! You are so much stronger than me! I can't even think about it right now.