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Hello everyone. I am new here. I recently discovered this sight when I was researching my daughters symptoms. She started getting sick when she was 12 months old. Before that, she was not sick at all.

Her symptoms are: no appetiate, She gets really thirsty before an attack, acts like her arms and legs hurt, runs a high fever, vomitating. The same symptoms reaccures every 25-30 days. She has been to every hospital in Memphis. Everyone told us it was a virus. We would have to wait in the ER for about 4-7hours before being seen. By that time the medicine for the fever took affect. SO when they saw her they said there was nothing wrong with her. It took us throwing a fit at the last hospital to get them to just watch her. Sure enough, 20minutes after they gave her some juice, fever spiked and she started throwing up again. That is when they hospitalized her. They ran all sort of tests, then said she just had the flu. She got the flu from waiting in the er so long.

This has never skipped a month. Just some months are worse then others. The highest her fever got was 106. She does not have any sores in her mouth that we know of. When she has a fever we alternate between motrin and Tylenol. Every episode we go through an entire bottle of each. The episodes seem to last between 3-5 days.

We are so worried about her. I know she doesn't get a virus at the same time every month with the same symptoms. Can anyone help us? Does this sound like PFAPA? I greatly appreciate anyones help.
Keep a log of her symptoms, when she gets sick, what her temperature is, etc. Then take that to a pediatrician who is NOT in an ER.

When you're dying, the ER is the best place to be. When you've got something tricky that's not going to kill you today, those folks aren't as helpful.

Wait a minute, how much tylenol and motrin are you giving her?
We alternate the two every three hours. We give her 1.875 (one dropper full) of motrin, then if her fever is still over 100 three hours later we give her two dropper full of infant tylenol. Thank you for your reply. We have learned the hard way not to take her to the ER for this. Luckily we have a great doctor now. He is having us go see an infectious disease doctor at Vanderbilt childern's hospital.
this might be a stupid question, but could her fevers coincide with cutting teeth? i've noticed a lot of toddlers with suspected PFAPA start around 12-15 months, which is about the same time those awful back molars start coming in.

my two year old has similar issues, and her fevers always spike at around the same time she's cutting a new tooth. the worst fever she hit was 105.1. not all kids spike fevers with teeth, and most doctors will call it a coincidence, but my daughter has spiked a high fever EVERY SINGLE TIME a new tooth comes in!

the vomiting could be just a result of the fever, not a symptom of illness. i'm sure you know that giving milk to a child with a fever can cause the milk to curdle in their stomach and cause the child to throw up, but i have to mention it anyway, because i was dumb enough to forget that with my second daughter and gave her milk a couple of times when she had a fever! i was reminded the very hard way (after she threw up all over my bed and my favorite pillow.... and we did this twice!). i have found with my daughter that giving her any cold juice or water will hit her tummy wrong if she has a fever and also cause her to throw up. AND, pretty much any foods other than saltines, dry toast, or applesauce can do it to her when she has a fever.

as far as her body hurting, it could also be a result of the fever. fever makes you uncomfortable. it would make sense that her body would hurt.

no appetite could be a result of cutting teeth. who wants to eat when your mouth hurts???

as far as giving tylenol and motrin. have you ever tried just letting the fever run it's course without medicating her? as long as she isn't acting uncomfortable from the fever, let it go. running a fever isn't a bad thing. it just means her body is reacting to something (possibly an illness, or maybe to teething). don't worry about the numbers, pay attention to how your daughter is acting. if she's acting fine and playing and is running a fever of 103, let her run the fever without giving her anything. my daughter's temp got up to 105 before she started acting like it was bothering her at all. the motrin brought it down to 103 and she started running around playing like she was perfectly fine!

for my daughter, i give her teething tablets when i think it might be her teeth causing her fever and discomfort. the teething tablets don't do anything for the fever, but they will help if her teeth are hurting.

anyway, i don't mean to dismiss your fears, i know how scary it can be when your baby is sick and you don't know why. but it might not be as scary as you are imagining! it took me several months of going through the same thing as you before i realized my daughter just has a bad fever with every tooth she cuts (we're actually going through it right now.... again!).
Not sure if you are still checking this board anymore, but we are in the process of diagnosising our daughter with PFAPA. She will be 2 next month and this started almost 1 year ago. She has high fevers, up to 106, every 28 days like clockwork. The episode lasts about 4 days. We also alternate Tylenol & Motrin every 3 hours for about 4 days. This is very frustrating and I feel so bad for my daughter. Where are you now since you first posted? We saw an infectious disease dr. in the spring and have spent a summer and then some getting blood draws for anything & everything. Our dr. says we have to rule everything else out before we can call it PFAPA. Just wondering how it is going for you and how you are handling it all. It's not like I'm going to run into somebody at the park who also has a child with this disorder.