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Let me take a slightly different tack. Some people like me have trouble with INSOMNIA from beta blockers (some sleep better).
Try it at night and see how it affects your sleep.

After an inital big pulse the drug tapers off in the body very slowly and so even with morning dosing you will have pretty good blockade even the next morning.

If you find that it messes with sleep, you can take it first thing in the morning or if you are like some of us, with your 5 AM stroll for a pee and a glass of water! :D:D Within an hour or two you'll have the highest blockade of the the day.

One of the other beta blockers (nadolol) has a 3 day half life so it takes a WEEK or so to reach steady state and over time your bockade is as constant over time as the Rock of Gibralter.