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Hi Ms. Catcher,

Non-selective beta blockers in small doses are often useful in treating migraines and other vascular headaches. They work by inhibiting both beta-1 (cardiac) and beta-2 (rest of body...especially arterioles). The beta-2 blockade inhibits the rebound vasodilation that occurs after initail vasoconstiction of the arterioles in the brain and scalp.

Now the bad news: Toprol (metaprolol is a SELECTIVE beta-1 blocker). It and atenolol are precicesly the worst beta blockers to be used for a migraine syndrome.

Tell your doctor this and have him switch you to propranolol (INDERAL)...the XP version is the "extended play.":D
Other non selectives are nadolol (Corgard...watch this one), timolol (Blockadren...I LOVE the name)), pindolol and oxyprenolol.

The propranolol is cheap as dirt! :bouncing: