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I've been on and off Corgard (nadolol), Inderal (propranolol), and atenolol.
The worst rebound on stopping was the atenolol and I did it over a week (using propranolol to ween) but I'd only taken it (50mg) for a month.
Some people take MUCH MUCH longer to get off this stuff. Strangely the much stronger nadolol with a three day half life had no noticeable effects from cold-turkey?
maybe the extrememly long acting drug is "self weening."

Maybe lowering your caffeine intake is a good idea during the ween?

Start with a week with half pills (12.5 mg.) and check your BP and heart rate often. If rate still spikes a lot go for a week or two more. Then cut it down to a quarter pill (get your magnifying glass:D) for a week. That should do the trick.