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Well, new for me anyway.
After a quarter century of hydrochlorothiazide 50 mg. I am moving on to furosemide (Lasix) a LOOP diuretic. It is supposed to be be better for male sexuality and less likely to cause a low serum sodium level and resulting water intoxication...which I seem to be fiddling with.
So tomorrow I will start 80 mg./day monotherapy. I will even stop the 50 mg. Cozaar that I have been on for 7 years.
If the Lasix isn't enough then I'll add back the Cozaar. He also gave me 20 Meq. Potassium Chloride...a good idea, now I don't have to worry about bananas and orange juice. ;) .

In preparation for my doctor's visit I took 40 mg. NADOLOL (STRONG beta-blocker) for two days in addition to my normal two drugs which have given me a 2 month average of 121/76. Took the last nadolol at 4 AM so it would be fully empowered by my mid morning appointment.
Of course in the office my BP was SKY HIGH :eek: even after barely having the strength to get out of the PATH train station (about 6 stories below the street...all steps.)
Probably tonight my BP will be 90/60! There is NO way to beat White Coat Hypertension...NONE!
Talk about diuresis. I did a mall walk after the first dose and went from bathroom to bathroom all morning long. That's rather amazing since I'd been taking HCTZ right up to the day before!
BP was wonderful last night 115-120/65-70, but I'll be dealing with the effect of the two days of nadolol for at least a week, it's perhaps the most long lasting antihypertensive of all.

No side effects so far (I took 80 mg. lasiz yesterday and 40 so far today.) God, those 20 Meq. KCl are the BIGGEST pills I've ever seen. ANything larger would require the presence of a skilled Heimlichite just in case! :jester: