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Sorry for the mix-up.:wave:

With beta-blockers, people react very differently. You really have to try them til you find one you like.
Since insomnia was one of my major complaints with them, I settled on propranolol with its short half life so I could take a dose morning and afternoon and STILL get some sleep. (I've tried atenolol, propranolol, and nadolol.)

I think the ALL have a depressive quality to them, bothe physically and psychologically, but there is also an element of adrenaline control which can make them relaxing in fromt of the TV!

Try atenolol, or propranolol (not the XL vbersion) and see if you like one better than the Toprol. If not, there's nadolol (all cheap generics)...and then it's on to the more expensive patented brands.

Depression is too high a price to pay for blood pressure control. If they all cause it for you then junk the drug class.