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Can you amplify what you mean by "spasm."

I assume from your back post that today is the first day for your REGUALR Inderal 20 mg x 3 times per day. Inderal lasts about 4 hours and that may expplain why "it worked awsome for 4 hours."
You may need it six times a day, or better still switch to something that works for 24 hours or more...atenolol, nadolol, bisoprool or sotalol.

I LIKE Inderal, but that short half life must be taken into consideration. You could also split the 20's in half and take 10 mg six times a day...but that's sort of lik the White Rabbit running around with an alarm clock.

Did you have trouble with the Inderal LA? Why did they switch you off it? Insomnia?