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I have done atenolol, nadolol and propranolol.
The first two were impossilbe; atenolol caused insomnia and nadolol, after a few days, made it almost impossible to lift my legs or climb stairs.
Propranolol taken in the morning and afternoon was most tolerable and I did it for a couple years.
Ultimately, issues with ED started rearing their heads so I decided to do away with beta-blockers entirely; they really AREN'T for men!:dizzy:

Propranolol was the easiest for me because I could take it when I needed it and it has a half life of only a couple hours...it let me sleep at midnight if the last dose was before 5PM.

Propranolol is easy becasue it wears off after 6 hours (half like 2-3 hours) so I could take pill as late as 5 PM and still go to sleep around midnight...and STAY asleep.