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Hi, I am actually a migraine sufferer and I can't tolerate the topamax anymore. I figured this would be the best place to visit for info. on this med. My doctor has mentioned calcium channel blockers and beta blockers several times but I have been too scared to try due to side affects. Well topamax for migraines has bad side affects too so I need to try something else.

I have researched these meds and Nadolol seems to be the only one that I could find that mentioned it had lower side affects. My doc. said the dose would be so low that it would not affect my blood pressure, but I was wondering if anyone takes Nadolol and if so would you share your experience. I am particularly interested in the following side affects: increase in weight, anxiety, constipation, and sweating. I don't want those things because I have a tendancy towards them already. I have hypothyrodism so I am by no means over weight and am a very good weight but I have to watch it to stay that way. I also have other health problems and just need no more affects.
I took it for 2 periods, the first for a couple months (then known as the brand drug, CORGARD.) WOW, was it a powerful beta blocker...I took 40 mg.

It got so bad, I could bearly climb a flight of stairs without my thighs giving out. AND it has a half like of 3 days so once you have too much in your system it STAYS too much for an uncomfortably long time.

I think plain old propranolol is the best for migraine profylaxis but if you CAN find a tiny dose of nadolol that works, then it has the advantage of long term efficacy, whereas you have to pop MANY propranolols. On the other hand, propranolol is unique in crossing the blood-brain barrier.

What small dose of nadolol is your doctor talking about, 5 or 10 mg.?

Anyhoo, there are a HUGE pile of beta-blockers you can try til you find a happy medium of effectiveness without fatigue.

I take 40 mg. propranolol to stem a vascular headache BUT I really must take it when I feel the aura...waiting for the head-cracking pain is too late and then I need the BIG GUNS: ergotamine or Sansert. I get them too infrequently to consider daily profylaxis.
I think the beta-blockers are a really good choice IF someone has both migraine AND hypertension, angina, or tachycardia.

Let me know how the nadolol works.