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This points up the worst aspect of beta blockade over a long period of time.
It seems that for many here, the stuff is ADDICTIVE in the worst sense of the term.
Here's what I mean.
Toprol has a short half life of only 4-7 hours, (propranolol 2-4 hours). Both these substances are well and truly gone from the body in a day or two.

BUT since symptoms of heart speedup and anxiety and sleeplessness seem to persist for FAR longer periods, there is but one reasonable explanation- the body produced more beta-receptors to compensate for taking the drugs.
So when the blockade is removed the effects of catecholemines (adrenaline and noradrenaline) are FAR worse than before the drug was started.

An unfortunate correllary, if addictivess is a fact, is the need for more and more blockade to saturate the ever increasing receptor sites.

It seems an awful road to go on unless angina is present and a lifetime of these drugs is contemplated and probably necessary.

My longtime experience was with nadolol (Corgard) which is something of a different horror story. It has a 3 day half life so stopping it takes about 2 weeks to really clear it from your system- so it's kind of auto-weening. The downside is that with that huge half life, everyday's dose adds to the day before so before long, you've hopelessly overdosed, can't get up stairs can barely walk and then it takes FOREVER for the body to get rid of the crap!

I take small doses of propranolol now with maybe a week off every month. This of course is NOT doctor approved, but then I'm always taking something else.