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After taking different HBP medications for a number of years (with different side-effects), I think it has become more necessary these days to take our medications more cautiously. We should be aware of the type of pills we are taking and all known research trials for the particular pill(s). My uncle always told me "With High blood pressure, you need to be your own doctor". I continue to believe he is correct. In the old days (before the INTERNET and the big pharmaceutical companies advertising constantly on television) their were only a handful of medications our MD could prescribe. Their are now thousands of medications on the market. (Some medications are horrible without any proven mortality benefits and worse could cause fatal side-effects) but, the other side of the coin is, their are many pills which are excellent and can save lives (and have been proven in many research trials) For ex. Some pills that come to mind with good results from research trials are: ALTACE (RAMIPRIL), ACEON (PERINDOPRIL), COZAAR (LOSARTAN), CAPOTEN (CAPTOPRIL), ISRADIPINE, BISOPROLOL, TOPROL, CARVEDILOL, NEBIVOLOL etc.. For cholesterol ZOCOR, PRAVACHOL and NIASPAN. For diabetes GLUCOPHAGE etc.

Many doctors would say that most classes of HBP meds. (generics etc.) are all the same. I say, that I would rather take a pill that has been proven to save lives regardless of the doctors suggestions. It's true that many drug companies spend millions of dollars on research trials while others do not and maybe the pill will cost more, but it is our lives and health we are talking about. In my opinion, you can never really say that all classes of pills are equivalent with the same benefits. For ex. in a large research study on patients with coronary disease/heart failure the beta blocker... CARVEDILOL/COREG cut the risk of stroke, heart attack, sudden death (all cause mortality) by almost 60%. TOPROL XL studies have been similar.

Can we say that other beta blockers NADOLOL, ATENOLOL etc... will prove to be the same in research trials?? We will never really know. I figure, when a drug company performs a huge research trial, they are extremely confident of the new pill they produced. For ex. a huge trial is now coming to an end (after approx 6 years) comparing MICARDIS/ALTACE. These results should interest anyone taking blood pressure meds.

P.S. Unfortunately, we cannot rely only on our doctors anymore to prescribe pills. We should make suggestions when necessary and ask questions. I can't believe that so many with HBP are taking 5 or more HBP medications (some with contraindications) We are very lucky to have a wealth of information available to us from books, pharmacists and most important the Web. Their are numerous Consumer organizations which can recommend the best and most proven drug regimens...

Note: This is just my opinion.....