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THANK YOU for your post! I found that it really helped me to understand what this disease is about and how it affects your body. I have read so many articles on the internet but when they start discussing the genetics of the problem I get completely lost and find i don't really understand it. But after reading your post I feel more comfortable with what FMF and in order for me to help my son I really need to know everything there is to know about the disease.
Basically yesterday when I took him to see the Rheum doc he was in a full blown FMF attack? Which is probably why they were busy discussing their findings with each other and talked way over my head. I guess I just feel so uneasy because this disease has not been proven yet with my son and when they talk about all these medical terms I am trying to figure out if they are leaning towards FMF or towards something else. Will the genetic testing therefore confirm the diagnosis? How long does it generally take to come back? I guess for me, as a mother I get so frustrated because it seems that this attack for my son has been the worst he has ever had, everytime we go to the doc we find new symptoms or signs that something is really wrong with him. Even though I have been pointing this out since he was 3 months old, he is just starting to show a lot more symptoms and getting worse. And now just getting the attention of doctors.
I guess when he doubled my sons Colchicine I should have realized that he really does think it's FMF. When they talked about the amount of swelling and arthritis and how much pain my son must be in, I was really panicked. They also put him on a med called 'Naproxen' which I am told will help with the pain.
The doc also asked me to ask my family members and put together a family tree to trace back our heritage. This will be a huge chore as I am not sure how I can compile that family tree back far enough to find any Mediterranean descent, do you have any suggestions for this?
Jwentzel, it is nice to talk to someone with experience in these matters! I hadn't checked this board for a few weeks but am struggling today, more than usual. My 12 year old son was diagnosed as having FMF by NIH when he was 8 years old.
He has been on Colchicine since that time and for us it has been a miracle drug. It greatly lessened the frequency and severity of his episodes, enabling him to come as close to having a normal life as possible.
The problem is the joint pain. He never complains but so many times, I watch him and know tha he is aching. The past few days have been pretty bad. It hurts me so much to watch him and not be able to help him.
The closest he has been to relief is when he was on Vioxx, but we all know where that went! Years of taking ibuprofen and naproxen sodium have left him with a vert sensitive stomache to those meds.
So, my question is..how can I help him? What can I give him that might offer him some relief? Any input here would be so gratefully received.