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Well we are in the same boat that you and your family are in! We just found out my 20 month old son may have PFAPA. We went to an infectious disease and he sent us the a rhuematologist/immunologist. He ran a ton of blood work wich takes 6-8 weeks to get back. My son started the prednislone but personally I think it makes it worse. His fever goes from about 106+ down to about 101 but the last fever lasted 17 days, he had a week off and this one he has now is lasting 12 days. He recently developed hives ALL OVER so they are going to run another test to rule out something else. Before he started the prednislone his fevers were about every 4 weeks lasting 5-7 days but now they are lasting 12- 17 days and he doesn't get much of a break. The dr. did give a prescription for naproxen and it works well but I don't want to keep him on that too long. From what I understand they sometimes grow out of this by the age of 10 and a tonsillectomy helps almost in all cases. Any other onfo you could give me would help as well. Good luck.