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Im on 60mg of Phenelzine at the moment and I got my blood pressure checked @ the chemist & it was 180/95... (I hadn't eaten or taken any Tyramine or Adranergic things) I then saw my shrink but he didn't have much time to talk & he said "I wouldn't go to the gym right now if I was you." The next day (today) I saw a GP and my blood pressure was 160/80 and he said "your a hypocondriact go to the gym and stop worrying".

What's your opinion?

Is my Shrink just covering his own or is the GP ?

Im a 25 year old male.

Nardil helps my mood quite allot so I wanna keep taking it. But I don't want to have a stroke either. Are blood pressure lowering drugs very toxic?

Any advice much appreciated!