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I used to be like that....stuffy all the time, bad headaches from it...I am using Rhinocort Aqua...a nasal steroid and it seems to have helped immensly. I use it along with Zyrtec. I tried to use different products...Flonase, Nasacort..ect...but I had what was similar to an allergic reaction and things would be worse with my stuffy nose and headaches.
Hey guys!
I am glad to see you are posting here. You have been quite helpful!

I am feeling good right now. I would like to respond to some of your comments. I have such empathy and sympathy for you.

First of all, I love Zyrtec-D but I get more infections when I use it. I use regular Zyrtec and it seems to help quite a bit and it lets my sinuses drain a little instead of keeping all the snot up in my nose. Zyrtec was a life saver for me. Nothing else seemed to help my symptoms as well (tried Claratin and got so desperate I was taking sudafed all the time.)

Rhinocort Aqua is a favorite of mine as well. I am going to try to switch to Nasacort AQ next week. I got some free samples. Last time I tried to use regular Nasacort I had a bad reaction. In fact, it was last Christmas and I was so congested and running. I used the Nasacort and all my symptoms became worse...I didn't think it was possible! That was not fun...dealing with in-laws and rhinitis. I am going to give the Nasacort AQ a try. I will let you know. Doc says the Aqua versions are gentler.

I only use Afrin when I know that I am going to get a sinus infection. It's addicting cause it makes you feel so good. It seems to help alleviate some pressure. The only variety I can seem to find has menthol in it and it hurts bacause of the 'cold' (menthol) feeling. I don't like that part of it.

Anyone know of Afrin or the like of it with out the menthol?

Anyone else have asthma or thyroid problems along with rhinitis? I got diagnosed with Asthma, Rhinitis and Hypothyroid all at about the same time 2 years ago.