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update on me... I'm still not doing well with the medications. I still have nose block and mucus. I'm mostly breathless!

I'm currently seeing trainee medical officers in the ENT department and they change everytime i see them. So a few months ago, I saw this ENT that told me that I've vasomotor rhinitis instead of allergic rhinitis. Last time, I did have a skin p-r-i-c-k test and have mild reactions to some stuffs.

Are there anymore tests out there other than a skin p-r-i-c-k test to rule out allergic rhinitis? I've heard about the eosinophils and the IgE blood test but when I ask my ent, he said that there isn't really any test that would help or watever... I'm on the highest dose of medication as they said.

I take oral anti-histamines and decongestants, nasacort AQ spray... I have a CT scan done too to rule out infection. So the last resort the ent says is surgery. From my CT scan, it shows that i have a deviated septum to the left, some mucocoele/mucocole <---I don't really understand wat's this, can anyone explain, and my nasal passages are severely blocked.

Any comments or suggestions would be great...!
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