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Hi, I went to my ENT medical officer(diff one that I saw previously) few weeks ago and he says that I have vasomotor rhinitis instead. My first diagnosis by a ENT consultant was allergic rhinitis. The reason he gave me that I didn't have allergic rhinitis because my allergy wasn't scoring high(3+) enough. I scored 1+ on a scale of 1-3. Should I go and see an allergist and request for more tests to be done? What are the tests available out there? If I go for the ELISA test, is it 100% correct? I borrowed this book and read about NARES (non-allergic rhinitis with eosinophilia) and does anyone here has heard abt it or have it?

At the moment, I'm taking Clarinase (loratadine + pseudoephedrine) and Nasacort AQ. Previously, I was having very bad sticky and thick mucus that just wouldn't 'move'. I can't cough it out or sneeze it out. I felt so miserable. :( Having to catch my breath after every few words I say, was making me too tired and breathless. That time, I was taking Nasonex and fexofenadine. I still am having the mucus thing but the episode are much shorter already. However the Clarinase is causing me palpitations and tachycardia. I already have problems with palps and tachy and it's just making it worse. So is anyone taking Clarinase or pseudoephedrine?

The med officer ask me to consider surgery to remove some of the tissues. He says my nasal passage is block to the point that it's nearly closed up. I would like to know anyone has gone for this kind of surgery? What's it like and what to expect? After the surgery to remove the tissues, will it help with the mucus problem? Any stories or suggestions would be appreciated!
Thanks for all the replies, I'm taking the Nasacort AQ which is also a steroid spray. The ENT also gave me a Kotrin nasal spray which i was also given by a GP last time. Though I really don't know how to use it. Anyway, that's another decongestant and I think the pill is enough already for the side effects.