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For the past month I have had a sore throat. Not really severe, just enough to be annoying. I also had a stuffy nose that started about 3 weeks after that along with occasional sneezing (maybe once a day or so)..also I would have come congestion like greenish color that I would hock up in the morning. I went to my doctor and he stated that it sounded like I had post nasal drip.(now keep in mind I am 25 and have NEVER had allergies) He gave me a prescription for Nacacort and that knocked out the sore throat in like, 2 days..stupid me I stopped taking it after that.I am from Ohio and since I've never had allergies before I have no idea what may be aggravating my throat/nasal area. My room at home is in the basement and the airconditioning vent is directly above my bed. Just thought I'd mention that. This past weekend I went to a church camp and stayed in a 'camping cabin'...It had central air and everything however the building is really old and run down...anyway...i woke up and felt like i was dying....my nose was completely plugged this time and there was alot of phlegm(green) at the back of my throat that I had to keep spitting out...I would sneeze like 10 times in a row and it seems like everything just hit me really hard, even though I had been having those symptoms all along...just alot tamer...now, im back home but i feel like i cant breath because of my nose and it runs now ALL THE TIME!! Even the Nasacort takes longer to give me any relief...Is this normal of allergies? to start with one symptom that lasts a month and then all the sudden hit you hard like that? I am totally miserable and if anyone has any suggestions or insight to my situation I would greatly appreciate it...I am totally ignorant when it comes to allergies....Thanks,Lynaa