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Hi Rafael02, I have very bad experience with mucus and PND. I still haven't found a med that totally work for me. Btw, what are you allergic to? It's not uncommon for people with rhinitis or sinusitis to have PND or stuffy nose. However I'm not sure if that's what you have. Did the doctor who diagnosed you with allergies did a skin p-r-i-c-k test? It is possible for people of any age to develop allergies. So even you have no allergies when you are young, it doesn't guarrantee that you will never develop allergies. I too have sore throats though not due to flu/cold; I just treat it by drinking more fluids and not taking too spicy food and they go away quite quickly. The nasalcort that was prescribed to you will help with the blockage, mucus production. Maybe you have the sore throat because you have been breathing thru your mouth instead of your nose. Sometimes you may not realise that you are actually breathing thru your mouth to compensate the lack of air getting thru the nose. Do you get nose blocks too? And probably since the nasalcort has helped with the blockage and mucus, you could breathe better thru your nose and not needing to breathe thru mouth. Therefore your sore throat seem to be gone. I'm not sure if your medication is called, Nasacort AQ, if it is, it's a nasal spray steroid and it does help with your symptoms even if you don't have allergies. Usually, if you have allergies, you will need an anti-histamine to stop the allergic reactions too. :angel: