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I am looking for hope / something I have not tried yet / help.

Well it has been a full year now since I moved to the East Coast for college, and my troubles began. I had a few sinus infections in the past, but nothing what hit me last year. I had a horrible fever, and sickness that lasted about three weeks. Antibiotics of all kinds would not help. Eventually, enough Levaquin made me feel only slightly better. The student health center referred me to an ENT since they could not help any more. The ENT had a CT scan done which showed chronic sinusitis, but only a deviated septum. My symptoms have not changed in over a year—brain fog (inability to concentrate), fatigue (no matter how much sleep I get), dark circles under my eyes, swollen eyelids (the skin above my eyes swells over the eye), and post nasal drip—thin clear-whitish mucous.

The ENT bordered on malpractice by first recommending surgery which serves no purpose, and second by just prescribing Levaquin—over and over and over. After two months of being on strong antibiotics and no changes, I developed colitis. Immediately, I changed ENT’s. My new doctor figured that since my CT scans have not shown anything terribly wrong structurally, the problems were allergy related. A skin test showed I am allergic to dust, mold, and grass pollen. So, I began trying to combat my allergies.

I was put on Nasacort, Astelin, began irrigating my sinuses w/ saline, purchased casings for my bed/pillows, bought a $200 dehumidifier…No change. My main concern has always been the fact that I can no longer think, communicate, and operate like I once did—with a sharp mind. This cloudy state I always feel, and brain fog has severely affected my life. My grades have slipped, my social life has ended, and although I try not to get down all the time, I just feel like I am working with a handicap against me—being restrained and held back.

Further, I am now broke with no progress being made. Between the xrays, doctor fees, countless prescriptions, allergy medication/supplies, expensive dehumidifier, etc., I have spent a substantial amount of my student loans on trying to feel normal again. And for what?? I am still all messed up, and now can’t even afford cable!

Since I have been diagnosed, my symptoms remain unchanged. The pressure in the front of my head and swelling continues to be a daily battle. And worst, school has become a nightmare. This cloudy, foggy head can’t function in class anymore—my grades are the lowest ever. I fear I have to drop out before any further damage is done to my transcript. Confused, frustrated, and on the verge of breaking down I turned to the Internet. I heard high doses of Vitamin C can help allergies, so I’m trying it. Against my best judgment I tried the hydrogen peroxide flush that I’ve read so much about, a true sign of my desperation. In the past year, the ONLY thing that has restored me to my normal state has been an oral dose-pack of steroids my ENT prescribed to reduce swelling. I felt like I was on cloud 9 for about three days—the happiest days I had in a long time. Sadly the inflammation picked back up, and I was told no refills.

Thank you for the time and patience it took to read my story.